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What is a Working Holiday Visa?

Working Holiday Visas are a part of the International Experience Canada Program hosted by the Government of Canada (more specifically the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada) and they have a special agreement with certain countries around the world to let young people who meet all the necessary requirements to work and travel.

What are Bank Account Funds and why do I need so much money?

Before foreign governments hand you a Working Holiday Visa, they want to make sure that you are able to support yourself since you will be going there and will need a place to live, food to eat, and a way to transport yourself around – not to mention all other added expenses. The foreign government that you are submitting a Working Holiday Visa application to – at the very least, wants to make sure that you will be fine in terms of money for at least the first month that you arrive.

How do I prove that I have enough Bank Account Funds?


Go to your banking institution and get a bank letter that proves that you have enough money in your bank account according to the country that you are planning to go to. RRSP’s and Lines of Credit do not qualify when calculating Bank Account Funds for this purpose. Think to yourself – I need to have $XXXX in my SAVINGS or CHEQUING ACCOUNT.

If I do not meet the eligibility requirements, what can I do?

Check out our volunteer programs. They do not have an age requirement nor do they need you to have enough bank account funds. Why not jump into an exciting adventure while helping to make a difference? Click here for volunteer programs.


Do the work and travel programs for Australia and New Zealand include accommodation?

Our trips to Australia do not cover housing to provide flexibility in where people want to live upon their arrival. It also helps keep the cost low for participants wanting to go abroad rather than include that in a fee. However, if you do choose our Ultimate package for either Australia or New Zealand, you are provided with two nights stay at a hostel.


What is Biometric Testing?

Your Biometric Data will be collected – this means a digital fingerscan (of all 10 digits) and a digital photograph of you. The fingerscan procedure uses an electronic scanner – so don’t worry you will not be poked and prodded! As well, you will need to take a headshot photo at the collection office (aka. Visa Application Centre – VAC). You will have 40 days to submit your biometric data after you submit your online application.

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry – we have you covered.

This process is complicated to do on your own, but you’ve come to the right place! As soon as you book your program with us we will email you step-by-step instructions of how to apply, where to go for your biometric data collection, what type of documents you need to submit, how to obtain your documents afterwards, etc…. which will result in a faster visa processing time.

Important note: that there are only five Visa Application Centres (VAC) in Canada – Edmonton, Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver. This is where you go to get your biometric data collected and you will need to show all accurate and completed documents along with a valid Canadian passport. Make sure that your fingers are free from cuts, markings, and decoration (eg: henna).

Yes, if you do not live in any of these 5 cities – you will need to travel to one of them.

What is the minimum wage in the UK?

The national minimum wage is £5.93 for those 21 years or older and £4.92 if you are between 18-21.

On average, what is the wage for individuals who come on the UK Ultimate program?

Generally our provider finds positions that pay the minimum wage, but depending on the individual and the market, they can find jobs that pay more.

Can you decline a job once placed on the UK Ultimate program?

Our provider is responsible to find only 1 position for those who join the program. If you decline the job selected, it is now your own responsibility to find a job.

How much money should I take along to the UK?

The UK Borders Agency states that a student should have £800 per month for living expenses. Thus we at Go International recommend that you come over with £1600 to start.

What about UK Health Surcharge?

All non-Eu Passport holders are required to pay a £200 per year 'Health Surcharge' when they apply for a UK Visa. This surcharge will pay for your access to NHS healthcare while you are living in the UK. The surcharge must be paid in full, for the full duration of your visa, at the time of application completion & submission.

For the YMS, the surcharge will be: £400 GBP.

Teaching English FAQ

Do you need any specific certifications to apply for any of the teaching English programs?

Our volunteer opportunities provide you with the training to teach abroad and don’t require any specific qualifications. In fa,ct some opportunities like the Teaching English Internship in Thailand will allow you to gain your TEFL (teach English as a foreign language) qualification.

Programs in Canada FAQ

What is the average rent to live in BC or Alberta?

For a 1-2 bedroom apartment with kitchen, living room and bathroom the average cost is about $600-1500 per month PER PERSON (depending on location and city)

For shared accommodations which is 1 room (shared or single) in a house or apartment, this normally costs about $500-800 per month PER PERSON (depending on location within city)

Private bedroom in a share house/apartment - $500 – $900 per month PER PERSON
Shared bedroom in a share house/apartment - $400 - $600 per month PER PERSON
3 bedroom apartment/house - $1500 - $2300 per month per unit

Plan to bring a minimum of $1000 CAD if housing is provided by your employer. If you need to find your own accommodations, you will need to budget between $1000 to $2000 for start up costs. Be sure to decide on a budget before you leave home. Bring enough money for your housing situation, travel plans, equipment, meals, and spending money.

How much should I budget for groceries each week?

$50 per week.

What is the average cost for some normal items such as a Starbucks coffee?

Movie ticket:  approx. $10-12 CAD
A beer at a pub: approx. $5-8 CAD
Starbucks Tall Café Latte: $3.50 CAD
Big Mac Meal at McDonalds: $7 CAD

Are there taxes that we need to pay in Canada?

Yes, there are taxes in Canada and they differ depending on where you are living in Canada.
British Columbia - 12% HST
Alberta - 5% GST
Manitoba - 5% GST and 7% PST
Ontario - 13% HST
Quebec - 5% GST and 7.5% PST