Work & Travel Australia

"This program has been amazing since the minute I arrived in Australia. They found a job for me only a few days after my arrival in Sydney. I worked in a gourmet restaurant called "Sean’s Kitchen" which is one of the top restaurants at Star City, Australia’s biggest casino. A few months later they placed me on an organic farm where I worked as a Chef for a total of three months. I would recommend this program to anyone coming to Australia to work and/or travel"

Aurelien Lesage

"I have to say I was initially sceptical about the quality of the service offered but now that I am 6,000 dollars richer I can safely say they did a great job! First they found me a job in fruit picking which helped me to improve my English and soon after I returned to Sydney, they placed me in a factory where I earned top dollars. I can now start planning my road trip and enjoy the second half of my visa without having to think about money"

Garry Crouzet

"With the help of the program, I found a job in a Restaurant in Palm Cove. Thank you very much for your valued assistance!"

Gerdy Van Schoot

"When I came to Australia 5 months ago I was not sure how hard it would be to find a job. But as soon as I told the on-site staff members that I am a qualified Baker, they told me that I could start the following week at Club Med on beautiful Lindeman Island and that they would put in a good word for me. I worked there for a total of 14 weeks. It was an amazing experience because I could use all the facilities at the Resort. Now I am working in a crocodile farm near Darwin. I am really grateful for all the things this program did for me and I would recommend them to anyone coming to Australia on a WHV"

Aurelien Augui

Work & Travel New Zealand

"The Service in the Auckland office is just fantastic! With such professional assistance when applying for jobs - nothing can go wrong! The Welcome Presentation was very informative and when there are further questions or problems the three friendly girls are always there to help! Thanks so much!"

Flo Homberg

"When we arrived in Auckland it was very helpful how we could always use the internet for free…which was a great help especially for the first few days in New Zealand! The office also organised a free city orientation tour for us which we loved!"

Susan Donath & Lars Hoehn

"The team in Auckland has always been very helpful. Great place of support when you feel alone, need safety and calming down…especially at the start. The team really has the ability to feel with the participants. All my wishes for my time in New Zealand have come true, when I was looking for a job I was getting heaps of email support from the office with great job offers. Any idiot could find a job with this sort of support, even when they have never had a job before!"

Manuel Dupuis

Work & Travel UK

"This programme changed my vision on life and helped me to find myself. All the people around me became like family and I will never forget them. If you are looking for adventure and are not afraid of hard work, this programme is for you. I hope you will enjoy it like me."


Kitchen porter and assistant chef at Langrish Hotel,
Near Petersfield, Hampshire

"The programme is well organized and has dynamic activities, such as exercises on how to do a job interview and prepare a CV - that's why it helped me a lot. I met a lot of people from all over the world so I have a place to stay when I want to visit them. This rogramme was the best experience of my life - that's why I really recommend it to everyone."


Waiter and General Assistant at Haweswater Hotel,
Bampton, Penrith

Work Programs in Canada

Employer Testimonials

Participant Testimonials

"I have never travelled overseas before so it was great to come with a job already secured and my job came with housing so all I had to do was travel on my own and everything else was sorted out for me. It was so easy!"

Jaime from UK

Canadian Working Holiday Program

"Vancouver is a great place to work. I got to meet people of all different cultures and practice my English with them. I stayed eight months, but I wish I could have stayed longer."

Gabi from Switzerland

Canadian Internship Program

"The internship that GI arranged for me was with a graphic design firm and I got to work on some interesting projects and present work to clients. It was a very good opportunity for me and will help me in my career when I go home to Mexico."

Alberto from Mexico

Canadian Internship Program