Advantages of GO International / Tamwood College Combo Packages

work and travel, study in Canada

When participating in GO International’s Canadian Working Holiday Program, you will benefit from exclusive discounted rates for GO International’s Canadian Volunteer Program, as well as Work & Study Programs offered by its parent company Tamwood International College.

Below you find the great advantages of booking a combo package with your Working Holiday program:

Tamwood’s work & study programs consist of a 6-month study term and a 6-month co-op in a Canadian company.

  • By completing the program, you will earn a Canadian diploma, which will be valuable for your Canadian or global career, and your immigration process to Canada.
  • Instructors and real-world guest speakers will teach you the essential skills and knowledge relevant for your field and prepare you for employment during your co-op and Working Holiday program.
  • You will learn how to successfully navigate the Canadian economy and work environment, including exclusive workshops and 1-on-1 sessions on how to write job applications and prepare for interviews.
  • With Tamwood’s support, you will be able to apply for a study permit and therefore, gain more qualified time in Canada.
  • Attending a Career Course at Tamwood College will also help you improve your social skills in an academic/professional setting and build your own network.

Tamwood International College offers a wide variety of English Language Courses on all levels.

  • By joining an English course at Tamwood College before your Working Holiday program, you will not only improve your language skills, but also gain the confidence to communicate in day to day, business and academic settings.
  • If your goal is to eventually immigrate to Canada, you will need to prove your English proficiency by taking an approved language test. Tamwood’s IELTS course will improve your skills and prepare you well for all parts of the IELTS exam.
  • You will learn vocabulary, terminology and phrasing specifically for your field of application – whether for your daily life, employment during your Working Holiday program or for an academic future.

Tamwood’s Pathway Programs will help you transition to a North American post-secondary institution if your goal is to study in Canada or the United States.

ESL Pathway:

  • You will improve your English language skills and gain admission to an international university or college without IELTS and TOEFL.
  • Benefit from our exclusive network of ESL Pathway Partners.

Academic Pathway:

  • Join a Work & Study program at Tamwood and you will gain valuable academic skills, which will prepare you for your future studies.
  • By completing the program, you will earn transfer credits for a North American post-secondary institution and therefore save time and money for your future in Canada.
  • You will benefit from our exclusive network of Academic Pathway Partners.

Complement your Working Holiday Program with a volunteer experience in a Canadian national park or a rescue station.

  • Canadian employers value volunteer work and engagement. When you join a GO International volunteer project, you will gain a definite advantage on your resume for when you apply for a job during your Working Holiday in Canada.
  • You will earn a Certificate in Conservation Leadership by completing our volunteer project in Banff or Lake Louise, which will be very valuable if you decide to study conservation or want to work in the field.
  • Get involved in a volunteer project in Canada and support parks staff and other volunteers to protect and conserve the amazing Canadian nature and environment.

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