New Zealand
Minimum 12 weeks; Up to 12 months
Working Holiday Visa

Are you a Canadian Indigenous youth (ages 18-35) ready for an exciting opportunity for a unique cultural and professional journey? Then our New Zealand Indigenous Youth Group Program might be made just for you. This program serves as a bridge between the two nations, fostering cross-cultural understanding and empowering Indigenous youth from Canada to explore the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand while gaining valuable work experience.

Participants will have the chance to engage with the rich Maori heritage, build lasting connections with local communities, and do paid work in various industries such as tourism, conservation, and agriculture. Through this immersive experience, Canadian Indigenous youth will develop a deeper appreciation for diverse cultures, enhance their skills, and return home with a renewed sense of identity and purpose. This program is a testament to the power of international exchange and the potential for personal growth that comes from embracing new environments and perspectives.

This is a 12 week group work and travel program with the option to extend up to one year on your own.  The group will include 20 Canadian Indigenous youth (ages 18-35) and a group leader who will together spend a minimum of 12 weeks working and travelling in New Zealand.  The 12 week program start February 11, 2024.  This program is jointly hosted and managed by GO International and Jenza, a working holiday company in New Zealand that has strong connections with employers and the Māori communities there. This is a unique experience that should not be missed.

So, let’s get started on your journey today!


11th February, 2024

10th March, 2024

7th April, 2024

Group of Maori women with traditional facial tattoos posing
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How does it work?

Once you sign up for the program with GO International, you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand” and book your flights.

On arrival in Auckland, you and your group will participate in a detailed welcome orientation, which will help you open a bank account, find accommodation, edit your resume and also make new friends right away!

You will be placed in two jobs during your 12-week program.

You will benefit from our partner’s online job board with exclusive job advertisements and their expert tips on how to apply for jobs in New Zealand should you decide to extend on your visa for more time beyond 12 weeks.

Bus transportation for included tours the North Island, accommodations on tours and job placements for 12 weeks are all included.

We certainly hope you won’t need it, but you will have 24/7 emergency support, just in case.

Think of GO International and their New Zealand partner as your security net and home away from home. We want to make sure that you have the time of your life while doing your Working Holiday in New Zealand!


Accommodation during orientation in Auckland, on tours (accommodation during work weeks is organized but not paid for)

Orientation to living and working in New Zealand

Transportation within New Zealand for the tours

4 days Bay of Islands tour (accommodation, transport, some meals, entrance to Waitangi Treaty Grounds)

Job placement for two jobs while on the 12 week group program and job support during your whole stay

Maori Culture Experience tour – 3 nights accommodation with breakfast, entrance to Te Pa Tu and Whakarewarewa

Four weeks paid work at East Pack – in the Kiwi Fruit Industry and another 4 weeks of paid work in Palmerston North in Agritourism, Farm work, Hospitality

Youth Forum with local young Maori people

Visit Maori language school

CV & Job Assistance

24/7 in country support

Social activities

Regular job updates

What’s not included:

Insurance 12 weeks $250, 1 year $1,076

Visa fee 455NZD=370CAD

Flight round trip: $2,000-$2,500

*Financial proof: 4,200NZD=3,430CAD


  • You are a Canadian citizen residing in Canada
  • You have a valid Canadian passport
  • Be a member of one of the following ethic groups – First Nations, Inuit, Metis
  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 35 (and must not turn 36 before New Zealand issues you your working holiday visa)
  • A clean police record
  • Intermediate or better working knowledge of English
  • Have never previously entered New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa
  • A bank statement that certifies you have access to at least $4,200 NZD (ca. $3,430 CAD) in available funds
  • Medical insurance for the duration of your entire trip
  • Meet health and personal character requirements
  • You must not have any dependent children


Week 1:

Welcome to Auckland! As part of this program, we offer a range of essential supports to help you settle in your new surroundings. Our dedicated team provides assistance with obtaining your IRD tax number, ensuring that you are well-equipped to navigate the local taxation system. You will be offered guidance in setting up a bank account, allowing you to manage your finances conveniently. Additionally, you will receive support for phones and SIM cards, ensuring you stay connected seamlessly. Our informative seminars cover topics such as traveling safely, transportation options, finding suitable accommodations, and exploring employment opportunities. Furthermore, we offer CV support to help you craft an impressive resume. We are committed to making your transition to Auckland as smooth and successful as possible.

As part of the orientation, we provide a fantastic package that includes four nights of accommodation, daily breakfasts, a comprehensive orientation session, a bus pass for convenient Auckland transport, a ticket to explore Devonport on the ferry, a delightful dinner experience at The Patriot, and a warm welcome drink. Enjoy these perks as you settle into Auckland!

Week 2:

Embark on an incredible week-long journey with our orientation program. Explore the enchanting Bay of Islands with a 4-day tour, immersing yourself in its beauty. Experience a Powhiri, a traditional Maori welcome, and savor a delicious Hangi, a Maori feast. Witness the captivating Kapahaka, a cultural performance. Visit the historic Waitangi Treaty Grounds, symbolizing New Zealand’s founding. Conclude the week by returning to Auckland and venturing to the stunning Bay of Plenty. Discover the rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand on this unforgettable itinerary.

Our second week includes accommodation, transportation, some meals, and entrance to the historic Waitangi Treaty Grounds. We aim to provide a comfortable stay, convenient travel, nourishing meals, and an enriching cultural experience during your time with us.

Weeks 3-6:

As part of the work experience, you will have the opportunity to work for four weeks at East Pack in the Kiwi Fruit Industry. With the minimum wage in New Zealand set at $22.70 per hour, this provides a chance to earn a minimum of $750 NZD per week. Gain valuable work experience while earning a competitive wage.

During the week, our program provides job support, organized accommodation (not paid for), and transportation to Bay of Plenty and your workplace. Please note that meals are not included. We are dedicated to assisting you in finding employment and ensuring a smooth transition to your new location.

Week 7:

During week 7 of the program, you will embark on an exciting sightseeing journey. On Monday, you will travel to Rotorua, where you will have the incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the Te Pa Tu Maori Cultural Experience. Experience the warmth of Maori hospitality as you stay on a Marae and visit Whakarewarewa, a living Maori village. Finally, on Thursday, you will travel to Palmerston North, adding another fascinating destination to your exploration. Prepare for a week filled with cultural enrichment and unforgettable experiences.

After embarking on an exciting sightseeing journey, you will have access to a range of offers. Enjoy three nights of accommodation, daily breakfasts, and some evening meals. Experience the immersive Te Pa Tu Maori Cultural Experience and visit Whakarewarewa, a living Maori village. Rest assured; our 24/7 in-country support will be available to assist you throughout this enriching week of cultural exploration. Get ready for an unforgettable experience filled with accommodation, meals, cultural visits, and dedicated support. Please keep in mind that optional add-on activities and some meals are not included.

Weeks 8 to 11:

During these weeks, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of job options in Palmerston North. From agritourism to farm work and hospitality, there are diverse employment possibilities available. The local Iwi Rangitane and the Central Economic Development Agency (CEDA) are enthusiastic about providing their support. Enjoy four weeks of paid work in Palmerston North, gaining valuable experience in a thriving environment.

Our program includes job support, organized accommodation (not paid for), and transportation to Palmerston North and your workplace. Please note that meals are not included. We are committed to assisting you in finding employment and ensuring a smooth transition to your work experience in Palmerston North.

Week 12:

In the final week of the program, you will have the unique opportunity to engage in a Youth Forum with local Maori young people. This forum aims to foster discussions on important issues, progress, and future goals. Additionally, you will visit a local Kohanga Reo (Total Immersion Maori Language Pre School) and Kura Kaupapa (Total Immersion Maori Language School). The week concludes with a review and planning session facilitated by JENZA Staff, allowing for any potential program extensions. Prepare for a week filled with meaningful dialogue, cultural experiences, and strategic planning.

After week 12:

After completing the program, you have the option to stay longer in New Zealand and work on the Working Holiday Visa. You can extend your stay by another 12 months, totaling two years. This offers a perfect opportunity for Ski Season Jobs starting in June. Enjoy an extended adventure in beautiful New Zealand!

You will receive CV and job assistance, regular job updates, 24/7 in-country support, a WhatsApp group network, and engaging social activities.

Yes, you can! With a Working Holiday visa, you can stay there for up to 23 months. Even after the program, our local partner will support you with job assistance, emergency support, a WhatsApp group, and fun social activities. Explore and enjoy more of Fantastic New Zealand.

If you are staying in New Zealand for less than 12 months, it is not necessary to do medical check. If you plan to stay in New Zealand for more than 12 months, then you need to do a medical check. For further details and specific information, please refer to the New Zealand immigration website.

Proof of funds may be required upon your arrival at the border. The minimum amount needed is NZ $4,200 to cover your living expenses during your stay in New Zealand.

No, booking a round-trip ticket is not mandatory. However, it’s important to have enough funds available to purchase an outward ticket from New Zealand. Ensure you have sufficient funds for the duration of your stay and to cover the cost of a return ticket when necessary.

We offer a comprehensive fact sheet that serves as proof of your participation in the program. This document includes details on the program’s purpose, duration, pricing, and more. It’s tailored to assist you in seeking financial support for the program by offering a clear overview of the program’s objectives and benefits.

Maori man playing the Pukea, a type of aerophone
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Maori man performing a Powhiri welcome ceremony
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Spirits Bay water and sand in New Zealand