Travel, work and have the time of your life.

Enjoy the ultimate adventure and immerse yourself in a
new, exciting culture.

A WORKING HOLIDAY is a unique opportunity for Canadian Citizens to live and work abroad in another country while exploring a new culture, meeting new people and gaining work experience. Earn your living and travel costs in one of our exciting work and travel destinations, such as AUSTRALIA, JAPAN or the UK.

Programs starting from $399 CAD

GO Internationa's work and travel program

Why Should I Work and Travel Abroad?

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with GO International's work and travel program


Explore another country on a deeper level by living, working and meeting locals. Traveling abroad will open your mind, gain intercultural competence and change the way you see the world forever!

Experience the rich culture and history while gaining valuable work experience through GO International's work and travel program.


Gain international work experience, transferable skills and recognition for any job. This will look great on your resume for the rest of your career or simply cover your living costs for your travel adventure.

Want to work and travel in the other countries? GO International's work and travel program offers the perfect opportunity to gain experience, travel and immerse yourself in the culture.


Connect with employers, create a network and build lasting friendships with people from diverse backgrounds. Meet your travel buddies, roommates or future best friends!

enjoy the summer


Work and Travel means you can have adventures and explore new countries while working and getting paid. There’s nothing better than saving money while traveling. Working Holiday is the best budget-friendly program to discover the world.

It has never been easier to enjoy a paid holiday.
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