Job Placement

The Working Holiday visa is an open work permit, which means that you can take up any job you are interested in and qualified for (with some exceptions, such as health care). Though, the program has been designed to offer a cultural exchange experience to young travelers and is not supposed to replace a normal work permit. Employers might also be reluctant to hire Working Holiday participants in skilled positions since they are only able to work for a limited amount of time. Therefore, most of our work placements are in temporary or seasonal jobs, for example in hospitality, tourism, childcare or farm work.

Some of our programs have pre-arranged jobs or accommodation included in the program fees. If you prefer the security of a job already lined up before you arrive at your Working Holiday destination, make sure to look out for those options or contact us for more information.

Employers will usually want to meet you first and prefer that you are available to start right away instead of waiting for you to travel to the country. Therefore, it is not impossible to find a job before you arrive, but it’s definitely more difficult.

It is essential to start your Working Holiday program with the right expectations, and to be open and flexible when it comes to your job search abroad. You might have to compromise by accepting an entry-level position, a different industry or location if you can’t find a job.

Our partners abroad will provide you with tips, tricks and all the support you need to find a job that covers your expenses and offers a great work abroad experience. In some countries we offer job placements, which you can book even if you are already at your destination.

As with every job search, keep in mind that finding the right work might take some time and depends on your preparation and attitude.