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Working Holiday Visa

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Your Japan adventure is waiting!

Can you already see yourself walking down the busy streets of Tokyo, slurping ramen in a traditional ramen-ya and honing your Japanese language skills with your fellow travellers and Japanese locals? It has never been this easy to start your Working Holiday adventure in Japan than by joining GO International’s Work and Travel in Japan program!


Your dream of going to Japan is finally taking shape and has become a concrete plan. Now you probably have a ton of questions and luckily GO International has all the answers and more.

What is a “Work and Travel”?

A Working Holiday Visa provides you with the opportunity to legally live and work in a foreign country. This means, that you will be able to take any job – depending on your work experience, professional and language skills, of course! Earn the money to pay for your living costs and travel adventures. Work and Travel is the most affordable program without having to rely on your savings or trust fund.

What are the advantages of GO International’s Japan Program?

Japan has a very rich culture and special work ethics, which make it an interesting choice as a Working Holiday destination, but also more challenging than the typical English-speaking work abroad country. Thankfully, GO International and its Japanese partner will be by your side all the way to create a rewarding and fun experience!

GO International Travel Expert will discuss your program options for Japan and support you pre-departure, while you are in Japan and after your return to Canada.

You will receive assistance in applying for your Working Holiday visa by checking that your application is correct and complete.

Upon arrival in Japan, there are tons of services which will make life easier, such as job workshops, social activities, resume checks, pre-booked accommodation and much more.

You have the option to book one of GO International’s job guarantees, which will provide you with a pre-arranged job before you arrive in Japan.

Partner office in Tokyo to stop by for advice, discounts or simply a chat.

Job Add-on

The Working Holiday visa is an open work permit, which means that you are eligible to apply for any job you are interested in and qualified for. To have a hassle-free start into your work abroad adventure, secure a job before your departure to Japan by choosing one of the Job addon options below (at an extra cost):

Teaching Assistant:

  • English or French Teaching Assistant at public school (ages 7-15) all over Japan.
  • Start: March/August (1-Year Contract)
    6-Month contract from August
  • Usually 20 days per month, Monday-Friday for 8 hours
  • Salary range 9000-12,000 JPY/day minus taxes (around 20%).
  • University degree required of any program
  • No teaching experience or Japanese skills required.
  • No visible tattoos that can’t be covered by clothes.
  • Hiring will be done by the school, but jobs would be confirmed pre-arrival

Farm Work in Japan:

  • Fully paid work on a Japanese farm
  • Placement on a small family-run farm or a larger farm
  • Work with animals, plant fruits and vegetables, cut flowers or seed, grow and harvest crops
  • Live with the farmer’s family or in a separate staff accommodation (single room or dorm room)
  • Cooked meals or raw ingredients to cook yourself provided
  • Basic conversational Japanese skills required

Ski Resort

  • Fully paid work at a large luxurious ski resort in Hokkaido
  • No Japanese skills required (but recommended)
  • Seasonal jobs from mid-November to mid-April (winter season) or June to October (summer season)
  • Minimum placement is 1 months, but preferably 3 months
  • Weekly working time for all jobs is 40 hours (5 days per week x 8 hours)
  • Job positions available: Hotel and hospitality jobs, Sports instructor, Guest entertainer
  • Resorts provides a single room (shared bathroom) for a small fee and subsidized meals

Traditional Ryokan Hotel:

  • Fully paid work at a traditional ryokan hotel (48 hours, 6 days x 8 hours)
  • High standard hotels for Japanese and foreign tourists
  • Typical tasks include housekeeping, preparing futons, kitchen assistance, preparing tables and serving meals, welcoming guests, service at the onsen area
  • Staff housing nearby (single room or dorm room)
  • Meals typically provided by ryokan (deducted from salary)
  • Basic conversational Japanese skills required

NEW: Japan & Korea Combo

Explore work and travel in Japan and Korea, Combo programs for Japan & Korea

You can’t decide if you want to spend your Working Holiday in Japan or Korea? No worries! With GO International’s Combo Program you will be able to experience the best of both worlds and save $400 CAD on your program fees!

  • Work and Travel Korea + Work and Travel Japan (Silver): $2,399 CAD $2,199 CAD
  • Work and Travel Korea + Work and Travel Japan (Gold): $2,999 CAD $2,599 CAD

Other Optional Services

  • Job addon: $250
  • 4 weeks of intensive Japanese language lessons: $899
  • Extra week in the share house: $100
  • Upgrade to twin room (for 5 weeks included in program fees): $200

Step-by-step guide on how to apply for your Working Holiday visa and check if your application is complete

Working Holiday Visa application by our staff in Vancouver if you are a BC or Yukon resident

Personal support by our GO International travel experts prior to your departure

5 weeks of accommodation in dorm room in share house in Shiohama or Kitatoda (arrival every Friday)

Skype group live preparation and Q&A Session with our partner in Tokyo before arrival

Meet and Greet at Narita or Haneda airport and transfer by public transport to the accommodation (ticket costs included)

Personal assistance upon arrival (including staff accompanying participant to Immigration Department, Registration Office, tax number, bank account and mobile phone contract)

Local orientation about life in Tokyo and Japan

Provision of job vacancies from various sources

Accompanied appointment at Employment Centre and 1-on-1 job search support session

Job counselling group session upon arrival and role-play of Japanese job interview

Individual resume preparation for Japanese market

Walk-in support in Tokyo office (Mo-Fr during office hours), also via phone, email, LINE and on WhatsApp

24/7 emergency number

Bilingual contact person in Tokyo (English and Japanese)

Use of printer and PC in the office in Tokyo

Membership terms for food delivery to share house (Costco and Metro)

What’s not included:

Airfare and transport within Japan

Fees for visa application documents (Visa application is free of charge)

Personal Expenses

Travel Health Insurance (mandatory)


  • You must be eligible for the Working-Holiday Visa for Canadian Citizens
  • For Job Guarantees: Most positions require a basic conversational level of Japanese.


  • You must be a Canadian citizen with a valid CANADIAN PASSPORT (valid for at a minimum six months past the end date of the visit)
  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 30 years
  • You must be in good health
  • You must have a clear Police Record
  • You must provide proof of financial resources (minimum of $3,500 CAD)
  • You must submit all the documents necessary to support your visa request in person at a Japanese embassy/consulate.
  • You have not held a Working Holiday Visa for Japan before.

Note: Through the Working Holiday Visa, you are allowed to stay in Japan for 6 months. Once in Japan, you will be able to apply for another 6 month extension.


Tokyo is colorful, vibrant, and full of life and adventure. But it’s not a typical world capital. During the orientation days at the start of your Working Holiday in Japan, discover Tokyo’s must-do tourist attractions, such as the Imperial Palace, the Meiji Shrine and the Tokyo Skytree… However, there are also an abundance of strange and unique things to experience! Use the first days of your Work and Travel adventure to explore the fascinating melting pot that is Tokyo.

Venture out of your comfort zone and we guarantee you will have a lot of interesting stories to tell afterwards:

  1. Hop-on Hop-off double-deckers are a fun way to explore any city from Sydney, over Auckland to Tokyo. But nothing beats a lightning-fast go-kart! Race around Tokyo in a custom-built go-kart, dressed up as your favorite superhero or video game character. As long as you have an International Driving Permit, you are ready to hit the roads!
  2. You have always watched Japanese Samurai with a vivid fascination? Kembu is the traditional art of Japanese stage performances. Try on the typical clothes, learn how to handle a Japanese sword and experience the way of the Samurai yourself. The costume photoshoot will provide you with a really unique souvenir for home.
  3. It comes to no surprise that Tokyo has claimed the title of reigning champion of weirdly themed cafés. There are animal cafés, where you can come in close contact with cats, reptiles, goats, hedgehogs, and even pet an owl. You trust inanimate objects more? Visit the Robot Restaurant! You love thrills? Dare yourself to a snack at the Dungeon, Vampire or Ninja Café. Other bizarre options include a Maid Café and Cuddles Café. You are in for a treat!

You will be provided with a step-by-step guide on how to apply for your Working Holiday visa and your GO International travel expert will check if your application is complete.

You will have to hand in your visa application in person at a Japanese embassy or consulate of your area (in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal).

If you are a resident of BC or Yukon, our staff in Vancouver is able to either come along for your appointment at the Japanese consulate or submit your visa application on your behalf.

You will have access to comprehensive information material and videos regarding a variety of topics and questions. We will brief you on living costs, your health insurance and housing opportunities to name just a few. Of course, you can always give your GO INTERNATIONAL Japan experts a call or send them a message.

Our partner in Tokyo has two central share houses where you can rent a room at a very affordable rate. Just choose extra accommodation days during your booking. This gives you the chance to sleep off your jet lag, meet fellow backpackers, and join in social activities and language classes!

Our tip: Book our Gold Package and 5 weeks of accommodation will be already included in your program.

Our partner in Tokyo offers an extensive job data base, where you can find tons of money-making opportunities! During our partner’s job counselling sessions you will be well-prepared for your first application and interview. The team will also individually prepare your resume in the typical Japanese style.

You want more job security? Book the job guarantee and you will be placed on a Japanese farm, in traditional ryokan, at a ski or beach resort or at a ESL Language School before your arrival.

Our Japanese partner in Tokyo will not only support you during your first days of arrival, but throughout the entirety of your stay in Japan.

Simply walk in during office hours, give them a call or send them a message via email, on WhatsApp or LINE. There is also a 24/7 emergency support system in place. You see, our all-round carefree service provides you with the support you need to have the best Work and Travel experience of your life!

There are some jobs in Japan you won’t need any Japanese skills for, for example teaching English in language schools and also working for moving, security and cleaning companies. If you are looking for a job in tourism or hospitality or if you already have skilled Canadian work experience, then you will need at least basic Japanese skills to be hired for these positions.

For a running start into your professional life in Japan, we recommend booking at least 4 weeks of Language Lessons. This way, you will be well-prepared for your future professional career in Japan.

Our Gold package is the extra bonus you will need if you have never been to Japan, want more initial support after your arrival and if you are looking for the extra comfort and security of pre-arranged accommodation already included in your package.

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