Before applying for a GO International program, you must accept the following program Terms and Conditions, including the cancellation and refund policy. Please read the following very carefully. This is a legally binding agreement.

  1. General Terms & Conditions
  2. Cancellation, Refund and Program Change policy
  3. Waiver
  4. Program-Specific Terms & Conditions
  • Internship in France


The following Terms & Conditions apply to all programs provided by GO INTERNATIONAL and its affiliates:

  1. The participant certifies that he/she meets the eligibility criteria and visa conditions for the destination he/she has selected. The applicable program fee is payable when he/she submits his/her application.
  2. Obtaining a valid visa (when required) and providing all appropriate documentation to the destination country is the responsibility of the participant and is not included in program price. GO INTERNATIONAL and its affiliates are not responsible for delays, problems or losses resulting from participant’s failure to do so.
  3. The participant must take with him/her evidence of access to at least the minimum funds required by the relevant country and host organization’s rules.
  4. Visas issued for all countries are for the individual registrant only. These visas do not permit family members or dependents to travel or work abroad.
  5. The participant is responsible for all travel expenses to get to the country destination he/she has chosen and for travel within that country unless otherwise noted in his/her program package. All travels before, during, and after the program are at the participant’s own risk.
  6. The participant must abide by the terms and conditions set by in-country program provider/company and operators, including work program provider(s), airlines, insurance providers, ground transport operators and accommodation providers. If the participant is uncertain about these terms and conditions he/she must contact GO INTERNATIONAL or the provider/operator for clarification prior to departure.
  7. The participant is responsible for obtaining medical insurance for the entire duration of his/her stay (including coverage for personal injury, death, third party risk, and repatriation). Cancellation insurance is also highly recommended. Refunds are not provided for programs that must be cancelled due to medical reasons or other emergencies.
  8. There is no refund for insurance products purchased through GO INTERNATIONAL.
  9. GO International and its affiliates cannot be held responsible for loss, injuries, and/or damages to the applicant or to other parties.
  10. Gross misconduct,use of drugs, dangerous or offensive behaviour, and/or failure to perform duties as requested may result in expulsion from the program.
  11. The information provided by GO INTERNATIONAL on its website and in written materials is accurate as of May 2015. Foreign governments may change regulations that may affect the programs after this date, and this is beyond the control of GO INTERNATIONAL. If GO INTERNATIONAL is made aware of regulation changes, GO INTERNATIONAL will do its utmost to update participants of any changes.
  12. GO INTERNATIONAL and its affiliates reserve the right to refuse any applicant who does not meet the program eligibility requirements
  13. GO INTERNATIONAL and its affiliates accept no liability or responsibility either for the participant’s health & safety; or for any loss or damage to property; or any third party’s property or persons, howsoever or when caused. It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that he/she is fit to travel and to undertake any duties that he/she intends carrying out.
  14. GO INTERNATIONAL and its affiliates shall not be responsible for or deemed to be in default by reason of delays in or failure to provide programs due to causes beyond its reasonable control and not being limited to civil war, war between nations, insurrections, strikes, riots, fires, floods, explosions, earthquakes, serious accidents, any act of government, governmental priorities, allocations, regulations, or orders affecting materials or facilities, acts of God or the public enemy, failure of transportation, epidemics, or quarantine restrictions.
  15. Complaints made to  will be fully investigated by GO INTERNATIONAL.


  1. If GO INTERNATIONAL receives a request from a participant to cancel his/her booking 31 days or more before the participant’s start date, GO INTERNATIONAL will refund the participant 50% of the program fee.
  2. For cancellation 30 days or less before the participant’s start date, including on or after the date of departure or no-show, 100% of the program fee will be retained by GO INTERNATIONAL.
  3. If the participant is unable to obtain an appropriate visa, for any reason, the policies outlined in clause 1 and 2 of this Cancellation and Refund policy will apply.
  4. Notice for cancellation or program changes must be given in writing and emailed to
  5. Booking fees and deposits are 100% non-refundable.
  6. Any request for a change of program after initial application, including, but not limited to changing flight dates and program start dates, is subject to a $100 administration fee. GO INTERNATIONAL will consider requests on an individual basis and reserves the right to refuse to accommodate requests based on GO INTERNATIONAL’s sole discretion.
  7. In the case of an event beyond the control of the participant (i.e. accident, death in the family, impossibility to travel for medical conditions not known at the time of the enrollment), GO INTERNATIONAL will consider the possibility of a full or partial refund of the program fee. The decision shall be irrevocable and taken on individual basis, after having received valid proof of valid reason for cancellation. A written cancellation notification must be provided prior to the departure date and valid proof must be received within 10 days of cancelling. No refunds will be made for pre-existing medical conditions.
  8. GO INTERNATIONAL and its affiliates reserve the right to deny participation in any GO INTERNATIONAL program to any participant at GO INTERNATIONAL’s discretion.
  9. GO INTERNATIONAL and its affiliates reserve the right to alter or terminate the program at any time. If affected, the participant is entitled to a refund of any or all monies paid for services not rendered


To be signed by all participants upon booking:

  1. I have read and understood GO International’s Cancellation, Refund, and Program Change policy, General Terms & Conditions, and the program-specific Terms & Conditions applicable to my program.
  2. I confirm that all information stated in my application and all other submitted documentation is correct and I understand that any information proven to be false may result in the cancellation of my program with no refund.
  3. I confirm that I have disclosed all medical conditions in my Booking Form.
  4. I confirm that I have not been convicted of any criminal offences.
  5. I understand that I am required to submit all requested documentation in a timely manner. GO INTERNATIONAL cannot be held responsible for any delay or additional cost caused by my failure to do so.
  6. I will make every effort to be a good ambassador of my country.
  7. I will respect the laws of the land as well as the rules and practices of the establishment of where I will be working/volunteering.
  8. I hereby release GO INTERNATIONAL and its affiliates with regard to any financial obligation to liabilities that I may incur or any damage or injury to the personal property of others that I may cause while enrolled in the program.
  9. I understand that I will be traveling under my own responsibility and hereby release GO INTERNATIONAL and its affiliates from any liability related to health or safety.
Name:_______________________             Signature: __________________           Date:_______________


The following Terms & Conditions apply in addition to GO INTERNATIONAL’s General Terms & Conditions:

Internship in France

General Terms and Conditions

These special conditions of sale aim to define the obligations of each party and the conditions under which the school offers the Work Experience program to the student.

The school bears the search for a placement of the student:

For the French & Internship program, program provider puts the student in contact with a host company to obtain an internship in France, for a duration of 2 to 6 months, in the student’s field of studies.

The school guarantees up to 3 job / internship interviews, which must lead to an effective recruitment. The employer will have the final say in hiring the student.

Program provider cannot be held responsible for the behavior or conduct of the employer.

Students must be 18 or over to register for the

Work Experience program offered by the school and must be in possession of a passport or identity card valid for the duration of their stay in France. The minimum French language level required to benefit from the Work Experience program is B1.

Foreign students, except citizens from countries members of the European economic area, are subject to particular admission conditions when the duration of stay exceeds three months (Working Holiday Visa and temporary Work authorization or approval of the internship by the French authority and Long stay Visa).


In order to benefit from the Work Experience program offered by the school, the following fees must be paid in euros:

1 Enrollment fee. this fixed, non-refundable fee covers the administrative costs related to the Work Experience programme at the school.

2. Program fees. these fees cover the research, the support and the assistance provided by the school, regardless of the job/internship’s duration and condition.


Formalities to be completed by all clients

Pre-registration to the Work Experience program:

Pre-registration must be completed at the latest – French & Paid Job program: two months prior to the course start date

– French & Internship program: Between three and five months prior to the course start date, according to the student’s country of origin (5 months for non- European citizens ).

Any pre-registration must be completed with:

The payment of the enrollment fee in order to start the process,

The registration form along with the requested documents (as soon on the enrolment form).:

These documents must be sent by email to the school.

This pre-registration confirms the student’s commitment and motivation.

Assessment of the application by the school Within 2 working days after receiving the registration form, the school shall contact the student via skype to assess his/her motivation. The interview will be conducted in French. The student will also be required to take a France Langue French level test. The school will then approve the student’s participation to its Work Experience programme. a confirmation by email shall be sent to the student 2 days maximum after the interview.

Definitive enrollment

Enrolment shall be completed after full payment of the program fees is received and upon presentation of the documents required: valid passport or Visa delivered by the French embassy of his/her country, a proof of an international insurance and a proof of funds provided by the student’s bank (1 500 € on the student’s bank account). definitive enrollment must be completed at the latest – for the French & paid job 1 month prior to the course start date

For the French & Internship between 2 to 4 months prior to the course start date

. Any request received after the set deadline might be refused by the school.


Cancellation by the student:

14 days before the starting date of the Work Experience program

Before the organization of the internship interview with a host company, the school will keep the enrollment fee as a compensation to the work already done. In addition, the school will apply the school’s General terms and conditions of sale – please refer to the article 3.1 Special terms and conditions of sale and article 7.1 of General terms and conditions of sale.

If the cancellation occurs less than 14 days before the course start date or once the first internship interview has been organised, no refund request will be taken into account even in case of legitimate and compelling reasons.


The student will not be able to postpone his/her course, except in the event of legitimate and compelling reasons requiring the student to leave France (critical illness, death or hospitalization of a family member, for instance). Postponement can only be considered if the student has not yet begun his/her employment contract. Postponement is valid for a maximum period of 12 months. The client shall provide all documents required by the School. (article 7.1.1 CGV)