Terms & Conditions – Work & Travel Abroad

Before applying for a GO International program, you must accept the following program Terms and Conditions, including the cancellation and refund policy. Please read the following very carefully. This is a legally binding agreement.

  1. General Terms & Conditions
  2. Cancellation, Refund and Program Change policy
  3. Waiver
  4. Program-Specific Terms & Conditions
    • Work and Travel Australia Platinum Package
    • Work and Travel Australia Silver and Gold Packages
    • Work and Travel France English Teaching Program
    • Work and Travel France Hospitality Program
    • Work and Travel France Summer Camps Program
    • Work and Travel  New Zealand Silver and Gold Packages
    • Work and Travel UK Pub Platinum Program
    • Work and Travel UK Summer Camp Program
    • Work and Travel USA Summer Camp Counselor Program


The following Terms & Conditions apply to all programs provided by GO INTERNATIONAL and its affiliates:

  1. The participant certifies that he/she meets the eligibility criteria and visa conditions for the destination he/she has selected. The applicable program fee is payable when he/she submits his/her application.
  2. Obtaining a valid visa (when required) and providing all appropriate documentation to the destination country is the responsibility of the participant and is not included in program price. GO INTERNATIONAL and its affiliates are not responsible for delays, problems or losses resulting from participant’s failure to do so.
  3. The participant must take with him/her evidence of access to at least the minimum funds required by the relevant country and host organization’s rules.
  4. Visas issued for all countries are for the individual registrant only. These visas do not permit family members or dependents to travel or work abroad.
  5. The participant is responsible for all travel expenses to get to the country destination he/she has chosen and for travel within that country unless otherwise noted in his/her program package. All travels before, during, and after the program are at the participant’s own risk.
  6. The participant must abide by the terms and conditions set by in-country program provider/company and operators, including work program provider(s), airlines, insurance providers, ground transport operators and accommodation providers. If the participant is uncertain about these terms and conditions he/she must contact GO INTERNATIONAL or the provider/operator for clarification prior to departure.
  7. The participant is responsible for obtaining medical insurance for the entire duration of his/her stay (including coverage for personal injury, death, third party risk, and repatriation). Cancellation insurance is also highly recommended. Refunds are not provided for programs that must be cancelled due to medical reasons or other emergencies.
  8. There is no refund for insurance products purchased through GO INTERNATIONAL.
  9. GO International and its affiliates cannot be held responsible for loss, injuries, and/or damages to the applicant or to other parties.
  10. Gross misconduct,use of drugs, dangerous or offensive behaviour, and/or failure to perform duties as requested may result in expulsion from the program.
  11. The information provided by GO INTERNATIONAL on its website and in written materials is accurate as of May 2015. Foreign governments may change regulations that may affect the programs after this date, and this is beyond the control of GO INTERNATIONAL. If GO INTERNATIONAL is made aware of regulation changes, GO INTERNATIONAL will do its utmost to update participants of any changes.
  12. GO INTERNATIONAL and its affiliates reserve the right to refuse any applicant who does not meet the program eligibility requirements
  13. GO INTERNATIONAL and its affiliates accept no liability or responsibility either for the participant’s health & safety; or for any loss or damage to property; or any third party’s property or persons, howsoever or when caused. It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that he/she is fit to travel and to undertake any duties that he/she intends carrying out.
  14. GO INTERNATIONAL and its affiliates shall not be responsible for or deemed to be in default by reason of delays in or failure to provide programs due to causes beyond its reasonable control and not being limited to civil war, war between nations, insurrections, strikes, riots, fires, floods, explosions, earthquakes, serious accidents, any act of government, governmental priorities, allocations, regulations, or orders affecting materials or facilities, acts of God or the public enemy, failure of transportation, epidemics, or quarantine restrictions.
  15. Complaints made to programs@gointernationalca.kinsta.cloud  will be fully investigated by GO INTERNATIONAL.


  1. Notice for cancellation or program changes must be given in writing and emailed to programs@gointernationalca.kinsta.cloud.
  2. Booking fees and deposits are 100% non-refundable.
  3. Any request for a change of program after initial application, including, but not limited to changing flight dates and program start dates, is subject to a $100 administration fee. GO INTERNATIONAL will consider requests on an individual basis and reserves the right to refuse to accommodate requests based on GO INTERNATIONAL’s sole discretion.
  4. In the case of an event beyond the control of the participant (i.e. accident, death in the family, impossibility to travel for medical conditions not known at the time of the enrollment), GO INTERNATIONAL will consider the possibility of a full or partial refund of the program fee. The decision shall be irrevocable and taken on individual basis, after having received valid proof of valid reason for cancellation. A written cancellation notification must be provided prior to the departure date and valid proof must be received within 10 days of cancelling. No refunds will be made for pre-existing medical conditions.
  5. GO INTERNATIONAL and its affiliates reserve the right to deny participation in any GO INTERNATIONAL program to any participant at GO INTERNATIONAL’s discretion.
  6. GO INTERNATIONAL and its affiliates reserve the right to alter or terminate the program at any time. If affected, the participant is entitled to a refund of any or all monies paid for services not rendered.


The following Terms & Conditions apply in addition to GO INTERNATIONAL’s General Terms & Conditions:


  1. Participants must read and understand GO INTERNATIONAL’s General Terms and Conditions and GO INTERNATIONAL’s Cancellation, Refund, and Program Change Policy.
  2. In order to apply to any of the programs, all participants must:
    – Be over 18
    – Be a holder of or eligible for a UK Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa
    – Speak at least Upper Intermediate level of English
    – Be available for a minimum of 4 months
  3. GO INTERNATIONAL’s UK Partner Provider will offer one placement only.
  4. Participants must clearly state their “preferred start date” and “latest available date to receive the placement” on their application. These dates must be a minimum of 14 days apart.
  5. The majority of placements are in isolated locations: the participant understands that he/she cannot choose location, position or duties. GO INTERNATIONAL’s UK Partner Provider will select a suitable placement according to availability.
  6. In very extreme circumstances a Host Company may need to change the start or the end date of a program. GO INTERNATIONAL’s UK Partner Provider will inform the participant as soon as possible and, should the position be no longer suitable, another placement will be offered. In the unlikely event of the host company being suddenly unable to continue offering a position to the participant, for reasons other the participant’s own will or performance, GO INTERNATIONAL’s UK Partner Provider will offer another placement free of charge – however the participant shall be responsible for the travel costs to the new placement.
  7. Travelling to the UK should not be arranged before a placement has been confirmed by GO INTERNATIONAL’s UK Partner Provider. GO INTERNATIONAL’s UK Partner Provider shall not be held responsible for expenses or damages resulting from a participant travelling before a confirmation is sent.
  • Before job offer has been confirmed: 50% of program fees.
  • After job offer has been accepted: No refund.


  1. Participants must read and understand GO INTERNATIONAL’s General Terms and Conditions and GO INTERNATIONAL’s Cancellation, Refund, and Program Change Policy.
  2. The participant understands that he/she will need to be active in his/her job search and be realistic with his/her work expectations. The participant understands that this program does not guarantee him/her a job and that a job offer will be the outcome of a successful interview with an employer on his/her part.
  3. The participant understands that he/she is responsible for finding and paying for his/her own accommodation (expect for program-inclusive arrival accommodation). All expenses relating to housing and daily living including rent, utilities, furnishing, and food are his/her responsibility.



  1. Participants must read and understand GO INTERNATIONAL’s General Terms and Conditions and GO INTERNATIONAL’s Cancellation, Refund, and Program Change Policy.
  2. Participants must pay the remaining fee of US$1200 directly to GO INTERNATIONAL’s Australian Partner Provider upon their request.
  3. The participant may not purchase travel tickets until his/her program placement has been confirmed and a job offer has been signed.  If a participant purchases travel tickets early, GO INTERNATIONAL and its Australian Partner Provider are not responsible for any fees incurred by the participant.
  4. GO INTERNATIONAL’s Australian Partner Provider shall be responsible for providing the services outlined to the participant. In the event that the services and accommodations outlined cannot be provided due to causes beyond the control of GO INTERNATIONAL’s Australian Partner Provider, all efforts will be made to provide comparable services and accommodations. If a position is cancelled, GO INTERNATIONAL’s Australian Partner Provider shall only be responsible for reimbursing the participant the amount of money paid for the program (excluding any transportation expenses).
  5. GO INTERNATIONAL and its Australian Provider Partner decline any legal responsibility for: (1) incurred health problems or any personal misconduct or inappropriate behavior by the participant; (2) Participants expelled from the program; (3) any force majeure (earthquake, floods, strikes, etc.).
  6. The participant in the program waives and releases all claims against GO INTERNATIONAL and its Australian Partner Provider for any injury, loss, damage, accident, expense or delay caused by or related to any means of transportation, lodging (hotel, host family, apartment, dormitory, hostel, or pension), school premises, restaurant, securing passport and visas, or any other services rendered in connection with the program.
  7. Prior to his/her departure, the participant agrees that:
    – He/she understands that he/she is required to fulfill the entire work contract term with his/her employer.
    – He/she understands that he/she cannot conduct personal leisure travel experiences that would prevent him/her from working his/her normal work schedule until he/she has fulfilled his/her work contract.
    – He/she will read all written materials sent to him/her.
    – He/she understands that GO INTERNATIONAL’s Australian Partner Provider sends him/her important messages through the email address he/she submitted on his/her application. He/she agrees to check his/her emails at least once a week.
    – He/she understands that GO INTERNATIONAL’s Australian Partner Provider cannot guarantee a specific placement location, exact start date, or placement of two participants in the same area, but will make every effort to meet such requests.
    – He/she will fulfill the requirements of the placement as outlined in the signed job offer from GO INTERNATIONAL’s Australian Partner Provider.
    – He/she accepts and understands that certain risks are involved in traveling, and he/she undertakes this program at his/her risk.
  8. During his/her stay abroad, the participant understands that:
    – He/she will be placed with an employer or host organization as a work/holiday participant. In the event of problems, He/she agrees to communicate with his/her employer or host organization and program representatives.
    – If he/she has any concerns/issues with his/her placement, he/she will contact GO INTERNATIONAL and its Australian Partner Provider to resolve them.
    – He/she will be responsible for working in accordance with the arrangements agreed upon with his/her employer or host organization.
    – If he/she does not fulfill the expectations of his/her placement duties and loses his/her placement, the Australian Partner Provider is not responsible for finding a second placement.
    – He/she agrees to complete the full terms of his/her position as outlined in his/her signed job offer.
    – He/she understands the type of placement may be adjusted during his/her program and this will be determined by his/her own attitude, diligence, initiative, language level, and requirements of the placement.
    – He/she agrees not to incur any debts, telephone bills, etc. that he/she cannot cover.
    – Holidays must be planned in advance, in agreement with the local representative and the workplace.
    – In the event GO INTERNATIONAL’s Australian Partner Provider agrees to a second placement, he/she is responsible for any additional cost(s) incurred if he/she leaves his/her placement until a second placement is secured.
    – In the event that he/she leaves his/her placement prior to his/her scheduled end date, no refund of fees will be granted.


Cancellation Policy:

Clients can withdraw from the program any time prior to their placement being confirmed by providing notice in writing to the host organization.  After being placed in a job with a host family, clients are expected to give a minimum of four weeks notice to their host family before withdrawing their services.

Refund Policy:

  1. Registered clients who cancel before an interview with a host family has been confirmed with them will be entitled to a 50% refund of their program fees.
  2. Clients who cancel their program after an interview with a host family has been confirmed are not entitled to any refund.



  1. The application fee is non-refundable if you are not accepted to the program.
  2. If you cancel prior to your acceptance to the program, the application fee is non-refundable. The full acceptance fee, if already paid, will be refunded. Written cancellation notification must be received  within 10 days of cancelling to qualify for a refund.
  3. The application and acceptance fees will not be refunded if you cancel from the CCUSA program after acceptance (unless canceling for reasons outlined in Point 6). If you have not paid your fees in full, you will be invoiced for the amount due to CCUSA which are due within 14 days of cancelling.
  4. If you change any information on your application after acceptance to the program that CCUSA determines will adversely affect your placement possibilities, CCUSA reserves the right to withdraw your application from the program; in this case there is no refund of any fees. This includes information you post in your application documents as well as any information that you post on the internet or social media.
  5. If you post anything on the internet or social media or break any of the camp, state or federal rules during your camp program (including time off), CCUSA reserves the right to cancel you from the program without any refunds (please see Early Departures for more details).
  6. If you cancel due to life-threatening illness or a life-threatening illness or death of a parent or sibling (medical certificate required for review by CCUSA), you will receive a refund of your Acceptance fee. You will be charged for any flight cancellation fees if applicable. A written cancellation notification and the medical certificate documenting the illness must be received  within 10 days of cancelling to qualify for a refund. No refunds will be made for cancellations as a result of pre-existing conditions.
  7. Fees incurred for obtaining your criminal background check, medical examination and visa processing and any other third party services are  non-refundable in most cases and CCUSA is not responsible for any refunds of these fees.
  8. The US$35 SEVIS fee, if paid by CCUSA at the time of your cancellation, will be deducted from any refund owed to you. If you are not owed a refund and the SEVIS fee has been paid by CCUSA on your behalf, you will owe CCUSA US$35 for the SEVIS fee.
  9. If you are not placed by June 30th, 2018 you will be cancelled from the program. Upon the return of your DS2019 form to CCUSA you will receive a full refund of the fees paid to CCUSA (less a €50 Administrative Fee). In this event, refunding the program fees is the limit of CCUSA’s responsibility, as damages for non-participation are impossible to calculate.
  10. In the event the U.S Government rejects your visa application in your home country, the fees paid to CCUSA are non-refundable. CCUSA strongly advises you to apply for your J-1 visa only in your country of citizenship. Visa applications made in a country where the applicant is not a citizen or permanent legal resident may face higher risk of visa denial. The U.S. Government requires additional documentation if you apply for your visa outside your home country. CCUSA cannot be held liable for visa rejections.
  11. If you have not applied for your visa at least 15 days prior to your date of availability or if the U.S. Government does not issue your visa in time to arrive at camp by your start date as listed on your online CCUSA account, your participation in the program will be cancelled and no refund will be given.
  12. Your DS2019 visa application form must be returned to CCUSA before any refunds can be issued.