7 Good Reasons Why You Should Become an Au Pair Abroad
Au Pair Abroad

Now that you have decided that you want to travel abroad and spend a gap year, or just a few months, in another country, it is time to determine which program is the right one for you.

Find out below which are the 7 most popular reasons for becoming an au pair:

  • Beginner-friendly Program

Whether you have just graduated and you are ready to explore the world or this will be your first solo travel experience, au pair programs provide you with the security of a pre-arranged job and fixed income, a stable home base and valuable connections with local experts and other au pairs.

  • Home Away from Home

When travelling abroad, there is no better feeling than gaining a home away from home that serves as your security net and place to retreat. At best, your host family will become a second family to you with a lifelong connection. This is your chance to be part of your host children’s life and to see them grow up into their own individuals!

  • Great Package Deal

Usually, au pair programs offer a great value for your money with free accommodation and meals at your host family and a fixed salary. This will give you the chance to spend all your pocket money during your free time and for your vacation plans. As an au pair, you will have the best life-work balance of any of the pre-arranged work abroad programs!

  • Find your Tribe!

When becoming an au pair, you will instantly gain a large supportive network of fellow au pairs in your area and potential friends for life. Use these connections to share funny stories about your work day, make plans to explore the city in your free time or find future travel buddies for after your au pair placement.

  • True Local Experience

We can all travel to a foreign country and explore the famous sights and places, but a true local experience can only be achieved when you immerse yourself into the culture and life of your community. Try the typical snacks and drinks that your host family likes, join their traditions and be open to exploring local gems that tourists wouldn’t know about.

  • Make Lifelong Memories

Getting the first hug from your host kid, finding your favourite café in your area or joining a holiday tradition like a Christmas feast… No matter how many ups and downs life in a different country surprises you with, these are the kind of experiences that you will remember forever. Make the best of it!

  • Discover Yourself

It doesn’t matter how well you prepare yourself for your au pair year and how good your support system is, it is still a big challenge to become an au pair in a foreign country. You will become more independent, self-confident and responsible. It is also a great way to get to know a different part of yourself and start the lifelong process of learning!

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