Cole Murdoch’s Working Holiday Experience to Japan with GO International
Working holiday experience in Japan

In this episode of “Canadians Work and Travel Abroad”, host Tamsin Plaxton speaks with Cole Murdoch, who is currently in Japan on a one-year Working Holiday program. Cole shares that he was halfway through his Bachelor of Music degree when he decided to take a break from the program and gain some international perspective. He always had an interest in video games and anime, which led him to choose Japan as his destination for work experience.

Cole found Go International through the Canadian government’s page for Recognized Organizations and applied for the Working Holiday program early in the year to leave for Japan in April. He received support from Go International’s partner organization, World Unite, which is connected to the share house where Cole is staying. GO International in cooperation with World Unite is offering valuable services such as assistance with the visa application, job workshops, an airport transfer and job placements.

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