General Questions
  • What is the best month to arrive?
    Participants can arrive at any time of the year. Newcomers to Canada are recommended to arrive on the suggested start dates to join the virtual GO International orientation date, which is offered monthly. Work is available in any of the bigger cities like Toronto and Vancouver any time of the year. Jobs in the resort areas are usually available for summer and winter seasons only. During normal seasons and non-COVID times, it might be better to arrive early if you are looking for a seasonal job in a resort.
  • Where can I work?
    Job opportunities depend on a number of factors including your education, work experience, English level, attitude, motivation, and interview skills as well as your program start and end dates. Seasonal placements are oftentimes found in vacation destinations, such as Whistler, BC and Banff, AB. Bigger cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Ottawa offer lots of different job fields and positions. Most job offers on our Hot Jobs List are based in Vancouver, Whistler and Toronto. However, you are free to live and work in any location throughout Canada.
  • What is the average salary for a Working Holiday participant?
    Most jobs pay around CAD $15.55 to CAD $19 per hour, and many service jobs include tips/gratuity on top of your salary. This obviously depends on your work experience, education and job field.
  • What are typical jobs available to Working Holiday participants?
    • Hospitality (Restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, hostels)
    • Retail (Retail clerk, cashier, inventory & stock)
    • General Labour (Farm work, construction, landscaping)
    • Tourism (Hotel, hostel, ski resorts, tourist attractions, tour guide, guest services)
    • Seasonal Jobs (Ski resorts, farm work, summer camps)
    • Childcare (Au Pair, Nanny, tutoring, teaching)
    • Office Administration (Admin assistant, officer manager, front desk, marketing)
  • Which jobs can I do?
    The Working Holiday visa is an open work permit and therefore, you are able to apply for any jobs you are interested in and qualified for. However, you will have to get a medical exam if you plan on applying for a job in:
    • the health field
    • primary or secondary education,
    • child care or
    • elderly care

    Some employers might be reluctant to hire Working Holiday participants since you only have a limited amount of time on your work permit. But you can tell your potential employer that there are no obligations for them. The IEC Program is LMIA exempt.