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Farm Work Internship in Germany

Experience life on the German countryside by joining our Farm Work Program. Whether you want to claim this stay as an internship for your studies or career or simply use the chance to get to know the day-to-day routine of rural Germany… This is an excellent way to travel to Germany on a budget!

14-90 days (visa free), 2-12 months (WH)

Non-Sponsored Launch Pad

Do you already have a Working Holiday visa or want to apply for the work permit yourself? Then this package is your perfect way to receive support from a Canadian company for the full duration of your stay in Canada. Consider us your safety net and “home away from home”.

Non-Sponsored Resort Program

If you are eligible to apply for the Working Holiday visa yourself, then this package will assist you with the rest. Included in our Full Service package is a guaranteed job interview in the field of hospitality/tourism – this means you will get a job FAST! Your GO International Travel Expert will support you during your whole stay in Canada.

Our Resort Program includes a job placement at a Canadian resort in the field of hospitality/tourism for the winter or summer season.