Application Process
  • Can I apply to the program right now?
    The 2024 IEC season is now open. However, our spots for this season have been filled, and we have closed our waitlist. You can sign up for our newsletter here for future updates. Please understand that each season we only receive a very limited number of spots for all YMA-countries plus the USA, and we won’t be able to offer a spot to everyone.
  • When will the next pool draw take place?
    The rounds of invitation usually take place every week. Have a look at the IRCC website for more information.
  • What is the normal application process?

1. Please fill out our application form and return it including a copy of your passport.
2. We will then issue your invoice.
4. Please create a profile with the IRCC and send us your Welcome to the Pool Letter.
5. As soon as we have received your payment in full and Pool Letter, we will put forward your name during the next round of nominations.
6. After your nomination, you will receive your RO Support Letter. You will need our RO Support Letter to complete your visa application.
7. When your application has been processed and approved, you will receive your POE Letter (application approval). From the date of your POE Letter, you will have one year to activate your work permit.
8. You will have to travel to a Port of Entry (e.g. land border or arrival at airport) to activate your visa. Your work permit will be issued as a separate document.

  • How much time do I have to submit my visa online application?
    You will have 10 days to accept your invitation to apply (ITA) and 20 days to submit your application.
  • I’m still missing documents to submit my application, but my application deadline is approaching soon. What should I do?
    The most common issue is that you have not received your police certificate yet. Instead, you can upload a confirmation that you have applied for your police certificate. IRCC should then grant you a deadline extension.
  • How long does it take until my application has been approved?
    This depends on how long you take to submit your visa application and the visa processing time (check online) by the IRCC. The standard processing time is 54 days. We cannot guarantee a certain start date since processing times are impacted by factors we cannot influence.
  • How much time do I have to activate my work permit?
    You will have one year from the date of your POE Letter to activate your work permit – the exact expiry date is written on your POE.
  • When is the best time to apply for the program?
    The IEC Program is offered each year over a specific period (season). Usually, the season starts between December and January and ends around October. However, IRCC decides the exact time frame every season. Our program is usually sold out very quickly since we only receive a very limited amount of spots. Therefore, we recommend to apply in the beginning of each season.
  • What happens if my visa application will be rejected?
    Please make sure that you submit a complete and correct application before the deadline mentioned in your profile. We won’t be refunding your program fees if your work permit application is rejected due to your own negligence or due to fraudulent reasons.
  • I’m having difficulties logging into my GCKey profile. What should I do?
    Unfortunately, there are some common errors and issues that IEC participants are experiencing when trying to log into their profile to complete their application (e.g., looping you back to the login page). IRCC frequently updates their system and therefore, recommends to clear your browser cache if an error occurs. Other tips include using the private or incognito mode of your browser or trying another browser or device altogether. If you consistently experience issues and complete your application, please send a message to IRCC through the web form.