Conditions of Participation
  • Is the program open at the moment?
    The 2024 IEC season is now open. However, our spots for this season have been filled, and we have closed our waitlist. You can sign up for our newsletter here for future updates.
  • I am already over 30 years old. Am I still eligible to receive a Working Holiday visa?
    For inbound youth participation facilitated through an RO like GO International, the age of participation range is set at 18-35 (inclusive), unless otherwise specified in the MOU between IEC and the RO.
  • What is the maximum time I will be granted?
    For RO participations from YMA countries and territories, the work permit validity period for ROs is the same as the negotiated YMA limits. Check to see how much time is granted to citizens from your country. It does not matter if this is your first or repeat working holiday visa.
  • My country is not listed as an YMA country. Am I still eligible to receive a Working Holiday visa?
    Unfortunately, no. The only exception for GO International are citizens from the United States, which we have a special agreement for. Have a look at the website of IEC for information about other ROs.
  • I’m from the United States. Will I be able to receive a nomination through GO International?
    We have a very limited number of spots allocated to the United States every year. Each season, these pilot projects will be evaluated again and it will be decided which RO receives an additional quota.
  • I’m from Brazil/Ecuador. Will I be able to receive a nomination through GO International?
    Unfortunately, IRCC decided to end the pilot with GO International and therefore, we won’t be receiving any spots for Brazilian/Ecuadorian citizens in the future.
  • I have used all my IEC participations available to my country. Am I still able to receive another Working Holiday visa?
    Yes, as a citizen from an YMA country, you are able to receive two more nominations through a Recognized Organization like GO International. US citizens can be nominated twice, as long as they are still eligible.
  • I’m currently on a Working Holiday visa in Canada. My employer has offered me a job in the NOC category A, B or 0. Will GO International be able to sponsor me for a Young Professional visa?
    Go International does not offer any Young Professional visas. However, you are welcome to apply in the Working Holiday (open work permit) category a second time. This means, you will not need a job offer from your employer and you are free to change your job on the Working Holiday visa.
  • I’m already in Canada and I don’t need the orientation and the extra services. Do I have to pay for these?
    GO International is a Canadian company that operates its own working holiday and volunteer programs in Canada and works with partner organizations around the world to deliver highly recognized work and travel, teach abroad and volunteer abroad programs. We are a travel service organization and as such, do not offer visa only packages.
  • I’m already in Canada. Do I have to participate in the orientation?
    No, the orientation is not mandatory. However, it is highly recommended to newcomers to Canada.