What are the advantages of booking the Working Holiday program through GO International for my first Working Holiday visa?
  • GO International is a designated Recognized Organization (RO) of the Government of Canada’s International Experience Canada program. As a RO, GO International is able to offer guaranteed and immediate nominations for YMA citizens to apply for first and repeat Working Holiday visas. Participants from YMA countries are able to receive two more nominations through GO International, according to the conditions of the YMA limits.
  • Make use of GO International’s helpful services included in the Working Holiday package, such as access to GO International’s Hot Jobs List, free resume writing, job hunt and interview practice workshops and access to the Canada Working Holiday Guide. See the full list here.
  • As part of the GO International Working Holiday program, all participants are encouraged to take part in the monthly activities offered by Tamwood International College at their campuses in Vancouver, Toronto and Whistler. This means fun trips such as snowboarding in Whistler or a pub crawl in downtown Toronto. This is a quick and easy way to meet other international people and develop your Canadian tribe!
  • GO International in partnership with Tamwood International College is offering a unique community for all travelers. When participating in the virtual orientation and the walking tour in Vancouver, you will instantly meet other work and travelers, who are in the same boat as you are. You will also get to know language and career students and make friends from around the world. Use these connections as a support system and for a running start to your working holiday adventure in Canada!