What are the advantages of participating in a Working Holiday program through a Recognized Organization (RO) like GO International?
  • Repeat Participation:
    As a RO, GO International is able to offer two more nominations to participants from YMA countries and US citizens, who have already held a Working Holiday visa and exhausted their other options.
  • Secure your Invitation to Apply (ITA):
    GO International is able to put forward your name with the Canadian Government for a direct nomination. You will be able to skip the line and the wait time until you receive an invitation. This is especially of interest to citizens from countries, for which the demand exceeds the number of visas offered.
  • Age limit requirement:
    For inbound youth participation facilitated through a RO like GO International, the age of participation range is set at 18-35 (inclusive), unless otherwise specified in the MOU between IEC and the RO. This means that you will be able to receive your invitation to apply until the day before your 36th birthday!
  • Avoid discontinuance:
    For some countries there is a discontinuance requirement (e.g. a specific length of discontinuous stay as specified in the agreement). The discontinuous stay will be calculated from the expiry of the first work permit and requires the participant to wait until the first visa has expired before being able to apply for a second work permit. When applying through a RO the discontinuance requirement is waived.
  • Working Holiday visa for non-YMA countries:
    As part of special agreements with the Canadian Government, GO International is able to offer nominations for Working Holiday visas to US citizens. US citizens, who are currently residing in Canada, are also eligible to apply through GO International for a second participation.
    Please note that we won’t receive anymore spots for Brazil and Ecuador in the future since the pilot project has ended.