What are Working Holidays?

There are many terms associated this initiative, but they are based on Youth Mobility agreements between two countries. You could also stumble on names such as Work and Travel and Work Abroad.

Working Holidays allow eligible youth to live in a foreign country for longer than the average tourist. Usually, Working Holiday visas are open work permits, which allow you to take up any temporary job for the duration of your visa. This provides you with the great opportunity to earn your travel and living costs while gaining international work experience and exploring another country and culture.

International Experience Canada (IEC) has three program streams through which foreign youth may work and travel in Canada:

  • The working holiday stream facilitates work and travel through an open work permit that allows foreign youth to work for virtually any employer in any location in Canada;
  • The international co-op and young professionals’ streams facilitate internships and professional work experience through employer-specific work permits.

Similarly, Canadian youth can access a variety of work-travel program streams in partner countries and territories. Access to specific work permit streams depends on the negotiated arrangement between Canada and each of its partners.