Working Holiday in Japan: Should you go solo or with GO International?

Japan is calling all adventurous souls! For those who want to choose a culturally vibrant destination for their working holiday trip, Japan is a top choice. We know that taking this step towards adventure can be nerve wracking. Considering all your options and planning in advance is the best way to take control during that first step. Let’s see some of the options available to take a Working Holiday in Japan.

Factors to consider

When you are planning your working holiday there are a few things you should think about. It is essential to obtain the appropriate visa, which allows you to work and travel in the country. The good news is, GO International offers visa support to make sure you are covered on that end. Understanding the cost of living is crucial as well, such as accommodation, food and transportation costs. Language skills also play a vital role. Basic Japanese can be helpful for daily interactions, although some jobs may require a higher proficiency level. Once you have done some research on the basics you will be ready to move to the next phase: planning your trip.

Expert help or solo adventure?

Once you’ve decided to go ahead and book your working holiday in Japan, you will find two obvious options: booking everything on your own or enlisting the help of experts. So, what is the best choice for you? Booking a working holiday trip on your own offers certain flexibility and can be more cost-effective in some instances. However, it requires extensive research and preparation, including understanding visa requirements, job opportunities, and accommodation options.

The preparation process can be stressful, but you can always enlist the help of experts like GO International. Our staff provides convenience and support, as they can handle the logistics, provide valuable resources, and even offer pre-arranged job placements. While this service comes at an additional cost, it can reduce stress and uncertainty. More importantly, a pre-arranged job placement will guarantee a monthly income from the very first day, lessening the financial burden and minimizing risks.

GO International’s Job Guarantee

Having a job at the time of arrival provides a huge relief. You will be able to start assimilating to your new community since day one. You will also not have to stress about paying bills or running out of funds if you didn’t find a job during the first few months. If you choose GO International’s job guarantee add-on, we will arrange for a job for you in one of four fields: ESL teaching, farm work, ski resort jobs, and traditional ‘Ryokan’ hotels.

If you love the hospitality industry, jobs at ski resorts and hotels will suit you well. If you love working with kids and youth, the teaching jobs will be a good choice. If you like a challenge and want to experience a more traditional life, the farming jobs are a great opportunity. All jobs, except for ESL teaching, come with accommodation, allowing you to save some money as well!

Deciding whether to book the trip independently or through GO International depends on your personal preferences for flexibility, cost, and the level of support you desire. Both approaches have their unique advantages and challenges, making it essential to weigh your options carefully. GO International is proud to offer a job guarantee option and support that makes all the difference in your experience.

If you have any questions about our Job Guarantee options for Japan and other countries, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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