How to Prepare for Your Working Holiday Adventure Abroad

Hey there, adventurous souls! Thinking about experiencing life abroad for a while but don’t know where to start? GO International has some tips for you to make sure you are more than ready to embark in the experience of a lifetime!

Research on destinations

The first thing you want to do is research possible destinations. You can ask yourself what comes to mind when you think of your dream place. Do you prefer nature? If so, Costa Rica and New Zealand offer great scenery and plenty of contact with nature. If you want to explore bigger cities full of culture and activities, places like Korea, the UK or France might be a better choice. It’s all about looking into your options and making an informed decision!

Understanding of visa requirements

Once you’ve selected your destination, it’s time to look into the visa process. You want to make sure you prepare in advance and don’t delay applying for your visa. Each Working Holiday visa requirements change per country, but usually you need to have a valid passport, proof of insurance, bank statements, and passport photos in order to apply. However, make sure you check the requirements for your destination before you apply. You can also use visa finders to explore visa options in destinations like Australia and New Zealand.

Financial planning

Another thing you want to make sure you are planning in advance is your budget. While you will be earning an income during your Working Holiday, it’s important to be prepared for anything, To be ready financially, a good place to start is by searching for the cost of living in your destination. When you know how much you’ll be spending to go out for food, or to enroll in a gym, you will be able to plan your budget more efficiently. If you want to prepare in advance and know how much you’ll likely need to save in your own currency, use a currency converter.

What to pack

As your travel date approaches, you will want to start planning what to pack! You may want to consider what the weather will be like at the time of your arrival to know what clothes to pack. If you’re going to a cold place, you will need a wind breaker jacket. And if there’s a beach where you’re going, you will want to pack your swimsuit and sunblock. Don’t forget your personal hygiene items and any medicine you think you will need.

Looking for a job

Finding a job is just as important as any of the steps above. You want to make sure your Working Holiday is marked by the greatest work experience of your life! Looking for a job is always stressful but GO International is here to help! You can choose one of our programs with guaranteed job placements. This will help ease some of the anxiety surrounding your new job abroad.

You can find some of those programs in the UK and Japan. Our team will help you find a job from one of the available options in each location. Having a job secured before you travel guarantees that you will have a fulfilling experience since day 1!


Our team is here for you, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to start planning your Working Holiday abroad!