Overcoming Language Barriers: Language Learning Tips for Working Holiday Makers

Hello dear adventurers! As you start planning your Working Holiday trip you may wonder if knowing the local language will be an advantage, or even necessary. If you are going to a destination where you don’t know the language, you might want to consider learning the basics as they will make your experience a much more immersive one. While traditional language classes are a safe option, they’re often costly and time consuming. Rest assured that you have alternatives to consider if traditional classes are not an option for you!

Selecting your destination

Your first step should be selecting your Working Holiday destination. GO International has 11 wonderful destinations for you to choose from. When choosing a destination make sure you research thoroughly and consider different aspects such as accommodation and job options offered in each place. For example, the UK has an abundance of options in hospitality, while places like Germany offer plenty of farming jobs. It’s about finding the place that feels most exciting and welcoming to you to ensure you have an unforgettable experience. If you are unsure what the right destination is for you, don’t hesitate to contact us and our team will help you get started!

Pre-departure preparation – language apps, online courses

Once you’ve chosen your destination it’s time to consider learning the local language. While you may not need to be completely fluent for some of the destinations, it will definitely help you integrate to the community and experience everything more authentically if you know the basics. There is a plethora of options for online learning, from famous Duolingo to Babbel and Memrise. These require a lot of discipline for self-learning, so for those that need support, traditional online classes like ILAC KISS German might be a better option. ILAC KISS German is great for those going to Germany for their Working Holiday.

Strategies for learning new language abroad – daily conversations with locals

Once you arrive to your chosen destination (hopefully with at least some basic knowledge of the language!), it’s time to find opportunities to improve and practice what you’ve learned. The best you can do is start interacting with locals as soon as you arrive. Try to talk to your neighbours, don’t be shy and order your daily coffee by yourself, or try to ask for directions to locals instead of searching for it on your phone. Other tips include to read the local newspapers or label things around you in the new language to expand your daily vocabulary. Language learning becomes a truly immersive experience with GO International working holidays!

Building confidence

Learning a new language abroad can be both exciting and daunting. While it can present some challenges, it also offers unparalleled opportunities for growth. The key is to make sure you are building confidence in speaking a new language through practice and consistency. It’s important to remember that errors are a natural part of the learning process, and you shouldn’t let them discourage you. Build confidence by practicing daily, setting achievable goals, and by staying positive and patient.

Learning a new language can help you overcome barriers during your working holiday experience. Selecting the right destination for you, preparing in advance by learning the country’s language before your trip, and confidently practicing what you know during your experience will make a big difference. The most important part is that you enjoy learning a new language and that you have fun with the process.

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