Costa Rica’s Pura Vida Lifestyle: Embracing the Simple Life on Working Holiday

Are you an IEC-qualified Canadian considering travelling to Costa Rica for your working holiday experience? If yes, you are signing up for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! From experiencing a new way of life to building professional skills and memorable connections, choosing Costa Rica as your destination will guarantee a fulfilling experience abroad.

Introducing the Pura Vida concept

If you did any research on Costa Rica, chances are you’ve encountered the phrase “Pura Vida” at some point. “Pura Vida” means “pure life” in Spanish, and for the people of Costa Rica, it represents their optimistic outlook and lifestyle. Pura Vida became a slogan for Costa Rica and its culture, and you can often hear people use it to say hello, similar to how we sometimes say “how are you?” as a greeting in English. As you settle into your new adventure, embrace the Pura Vida spirit and you will have an experience you’ll never forget!

Understanding Costa Rican culture and society

Costa Rica is famous for being one of the happiest countries in the world. The people of Costa Rica refer to themselves as “Ticos” which comes from the tendency to add the suffix “-tico” at the end of words to make them sound cuter and affectionate. Costa Rica also embraces and promotes education and healthcare for everyone, as well as protecting the rich and diverse environment. Make sure to respect these core values and you will integrate in Costa Rican society in no time.

Find a rewarding job placement as an English teacher

A working holiday means you will be able to work while you travel and explore Costa Rica. The most popular and fulfilling job you can find is teaching English to the locals. You will be able to exchange language and culture while also adding to your resume and professional growth. GO International makes sure you are ready to find a job through a TESOL course and teaching placement option to guarantee the best work opportunities for you. Try learning some Spanish as well to integrate into the local communities. You will have a rewarding job experience that will enhance your personal and professional life alike.

Foster a healthy work-life balance

While it can be hard at first, we encourage you to establish a routine early on. Having a clear schedule will help you balance work and leisure time better. Try to prepare a weekly calendar in advance with your work schedule and all free time available so you can plan your adventures with time. By finding a work-life balance you will be able to enjoy your working holiday experience to the maximum!

Embarking on a working holiday trip to Costa Rica means a laid back, rewarding, unique experience. Prepare yourself to do some meaningful work while learning about the simple pleasures of life and gaining a whole new perspective. So, remember… keep an open mind and enjoy the simple life. Pura Vida!

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