Exploring France During Your Working Holiday
traveler with Eiffel Tower

Hey there, adventure seekers! If you’re a young professional eager to blend work with travel, picture this: cobblestone streets, the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop, and the scent of fresh croissants in the air. Welcome to the world of working holidays in France, where the journey is as exciting as the job. In this piece, let’s explore the essence of traveling in France during your working escapade.

Bonjour, Workcation!

So, you’ve done some research and set your sights on France – a land of art, culture, and culinary wonders. Whether you find yourself working in a charming Parisian office or amidst the serene French countryside, your working holiday promises professional growth wrapped in cultural immersion.

Travel in Paris, France

The Joie de Vivre of French Culture

Working in France means embracing the “joie de vivre” – the joy of living. It’s a culture that treasures life, good food, and the pursuit of happiness. Imagine brainstorming in a cozy French café, the Eiffel Tower peeking through the window, creating a blend of productivity and inspiration unique to the City of Light.

Provence: A Tapestry of Lavender and Sunflowers

For countryside lovers, Provence awaits. Fields of lavender and sunflowers, quaint villages with pastel-colored houses – it’s a visual feast. Indulge in local markets, savoring cheeses, wines, and fresh produce, all while taking a break from your work routine.


The Alps: Where Adventure Meets Serenity 

For travelers and adventurers in France, the French Alps are your haven. Skiing, snowboarding, or simply immersing yourself in stunning mountainous landscapes – recharge your mind and body, returning to work with newfound energy while traveling in France.

Côte d’Azur: Traveling with the Sun, Sea, and Glamour

Dreaming of azure waters and glamorous beach resorts? The French Riviera beckons. Nice (our newest Hospitality Program job placement destination), Cannes, Monaco – explore historic towns, bask in the Mediterranean sun, and relish vibrant nightlife during your downtime.

cote d'azur

Tips to make the most of your working holiday:


Learn Basic French: While English is common, locals appreciate basic French phrases. Remember, our programs include French language lessons.

Culinary Delights: Indulge in local specialties and the art of French dining. An easy way to get involved in French dining is our Work and Travel Hospitality in France Program!

Explore Off the Beaten Path: Discover hidden gems for a touch of magic.

Connect with Locals: Attend events to experience authentic French life.

In conclusion, a working holiday in France is a decision that will benefit you in numerous ways. It isn’t just a career move – it’s a chance to dive into a culture that celebrates living. Pack your bags, learn a bit of French, and get ready for a journey that’ll redefine your professional and personal horizons. Au revoir, and may your working holiday in France be filled with endless adventures and unforgettable moments! 🇫🇷✨


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