Canada Working Holiday Program (RO Sponsored)

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Canada Working Holiday Program (RO Sponsored)


As a Recognized Organization with International Experience Canada, GO International is able to nominate American citizens and nationals from the YMA countries for a Working Holiday visa. This allows participants to work and travel in Canada for up 6, 12 or 24 months and explore its stunning landscapes and interesting culture.

Please note: The 2023 IEC season is now open. We will send out an update through the newsletter on how to secure a spot. You can sign up for our newsletter here.

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Dive into Adventure!

Work and Travel in Canada

The Canadian Working Holiday Program, also known as “CWHP”, is a program designed for applicants who want to come to Canada to work and travel. This program meets the demands of Canadian employers, while enabling international young people to earn some income to support their holiday in Canada. GO International provides valuable assistance to participants with settling in, finding a job and accommodation and getting to know Canada.

This program is designed for IEC participants, who have to be nominated by a Recognized Organization.

Please note: The 2023 IEC season is now open. We will send out an update through the newsletter on how to secure a spot. You can sign up for our newsletter here.

Please read our FAQ section for answers to the most common questions.

While we would like to be able to meet everyone’s request for participation in the program, please understand that we are limited in the spots we can offer to both first time and second time applicants, and we will not be able to accommodate all applications.

The Highlights

Spend an absolutely amazing vacation working in Canada and truly “experience” the people, the unique natural beauty and the adrenaline rush that you can only get from this country. Participants in the Working Holiday program meet locals, gain international work experience, earn money to travel and make the most of their working holiday in Canada with us.

Whether you are planning to be a ski bum, a city slicker, or an outdoor traveler… let us help you get a running start to your new adventure.

Have a look below for information about our two RO Sponsored Packages:

You will be provided with personal assistance for the whole duration of your program. Think of having a tour guide/program adviser at your disposal! (“When do I need to file my taxes? Where is the best place to eat sushi? How do I buy a car here?”);

You will receive emergency support (so you parents won’t have to lie awake at night worrying about you);

You will get a JOB FAST – you are given one year member access to our HOT JOBS LIST, our 101 JOB READY portal and personal job assistance from friendly and experienced staff members;

As part of our Resort Package, you will be placed in a hospitality position at a Canadian resort for the summer or winter season, which gives you the chance to start working right away;

Connect with people – you will meet like-minded travelers in your orientation group and you may end up meeting your future roommate/or new best friend!

Did you know?

As part of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the International Experience Canada (IEC) program facilitates travel and work opportunities for Canadian and foreign national youth. The program provides the opportunity to gain life-changing personal and professional experience by travelling and working in Canada or abroad. The mandate of IEC is to enhance key bilateral relationships between Canada and other countries and territories and emphasize the importance of improved participation reciprocity. IEC supports Canada’s economic and cultural interests by administering bilateral, reciprocal agreements and arrangements with 35 countries and territories (also known as youth mobility arrangements, or YMAs). Agreements and arrangements are generally open to Canadian and foreign youth aged 18 to 35.

Have a look here for more information about International Experience Canada.

Second Timers

In past seasons, we were able to offer a small amount of spots to “Second Timers” (applicants, who have already participated in the IEC Program and are looking for a repeat IEC participation since they have exhausted their other options of staying in Canada). These spots are very limited and depend on our overall allocation each season.

As a second timer, you are usually not looking for the same services as someone who is coming to Canada for the first time and who might not have lived abroad before.

Please note that we are not able to sell “visa only” packages, however there are great advantages of booking the Canadian Working Holiday Program with GO International if you are a second timer:

If you meet all the requirements and we offer you a spot in the program, you will receive a nomination to be invited to apply for the IEC Program.

Support and assistance from GO International staff throughout the entire duration of your program (e.g. 24/7 emergency number, e-mail and phone support and in-person assistance in GO International offices in Vancouver and Toronto).

We will update you on immigration, entry and activation regulations.

If you lose your job, you can use our resources (e.g. Hot Jobs List, job workshops, job advice) to find another employment opportunity.

We can connect you to professional immigration consultants or legal advisors, if needed.

We offer you discounted rates for our Language, Career and Pathway programs through our parent company Tamwood International College.

You will receive information on how to extend your Social Insurance Number and file your tax return.

In our monthly newsletter, we will provide you with tips specific to temporary residents, who have lived in Canada for more than one year (such as immigration updates, COVID regulations and current job postings).

Orientation Dates

Recommended Arrival Date City Walk & SIN Number* Online Orientation
Monday, January 21st Tuesday, January 24th Friday, January 27th
Monday, February 20th Tuesday, February 22nd Friday, February 24th
Monday, March 20th Tuesday, March 21st Friday, March 24th
Monday, April 17th Tuesday, April 18th Friday, April 21st
Monday, May 15th Tuesday, May 16th Friday, May 19th
Monday, June 12th Tuesday, June 13th Friday, June 16th
Monday, July 10th Tuesday, July 11th Friday, July 14th
Monday, August 7th Tuesday, August 9th Friday, August 11th
Monday, September 4th Tuesday, September 6th Friday, September 8th
Monday, October 2nd Tuesday, October 3rd Friday, October 6th
Monday, October 30th Tuesday, October 31st Friday, November 3rd
Monday, November 27th Tuesday, November 28th Friday, December 1st

* in person in Vancouver or Toronto.

Option To Add English / Career Training Programs

Participants in the Working Holiday Program have the option to add an English course, IELTS preparation course, and/or a career training diploma program in International Business, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing or Hospitality and Tourism to their work program. We suggest these optional study programs as a way to enhance your education, improve your employment prospects and provide you with additional skills and credentials to enhance your eligibility for Canadian immigration.

Please contact GO International or your booking agent for a full list of optional study programs available through GO International’s sister college and language school, and for a price quote for these optional services.

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