Travel, Teach, Work & Volunteer Around the World!

Discover new places, meet new people, learn new skills and have unique experiences! Travel, teach, work, and volunteer abroad!


The mandate of GO International is to create and facilitate low risk travel and work experiences for Canadian and foreign nationals that allow for cultural exchange, personal growth, and international opportunity for Canadians. The programs offered by GO International foster people to people ties, build a competitive global workforce in Canada and strengthen relations between Canada and foreign countries.


GO International exists to serve the personal, cultural, educational and career aspirations of our clients. Our objective is to provide clients with opportunities to expand their horizons and be more through international travel and work experiences designed to challenge and encourage personal and professional growth and to create global connections to last a life time.


To be the industry leader in excellence and service, AND,  to constantly refine existing programs and create new programs that reflect the globalization of the international travel and work community.


CARING about our clients, communities, and environment

  • Fanatical about Excellence
  • Making it Fun
  • Infused with a Fire
  • Integrity

Helping You Travel:

  • Prepare you for departure

  • Orientation upon arrival

  • Travel Handbooks

  • Ongoing support while you are away

  • Housing assistance

  • 24/7 Emergency contact

  • Assistance with social security, taxes, etc.

  • Travel Insurance

Providing full service support for all programs, wherever you go!