Budget Friendly

Discover the joys of working and traveling abroad with GO International's animal rescue

Au Pair in the UK

Do you have a passion for working with children and always wanted to travel to the UK? Then this is your chance! GO International's Au Pair Program is perfect for UK fans, first-timers, solo travelers, childcare workers and participants who are looking for a job already arranged before they leave Canada.
per person
United Kingdom
6-24 months
Farm Work Internship in Germany

Farm Work Internship in Germany

Experience life on the German countryside by joining our Farm Work Program. Whether you want to claim this stay as an internship for your studies or career or simply use the chance to get to know the day-to-day routine of rural Germany... This is an excellent way to travel to Germany on a budget!
per person
14-90 days (visa free), 2-12 months (WH)
teaching in japan

Teach in Japan: Non-Degree Holders

Embark on a rewarding teaching journey in Japan with our Teach in Japan program. Experience enriching teaching, cultural immersion, and TESOL certification. Start your teaching career today!
per person
12 Months